Milena Moser is one of Switzerland’s most well-known and beloved authors. She has published 18 books to date, novels, short stories and memoirs. They are translated in nine European languages, three of her novels were adapted for the screen. She wrote radio plays, numerous essays, and a weekly column for eight years. She performed on the stage as part of the Two-Women-Show „The Unfinished“ (Die Unvollendeten).

Her success was not immediate: After starting to write seriously in Paris in the 1980s, she collected rejection letters for six years before her friends took pity on her and published her first three books themselves. Even her first novel, "The Cleaning Lady's Island" (Die Putzfraueninsel), that later sold over 250'000 copies, was self-published. Her own struggle to get published inspired creative writing workshops that are famous for their fun and supportive atmosphere. Milena Moser lived in Switzerland and in San Francisco, and she has recently made her home in New Mexico.

Fool's Journey

Or How I Chased After Happiness Just To Find It Waiting For Me

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After a painful divorce and with her 50th birthday approaching, a successful but burned-out writer takes three months off to travel through the United States. All alone: The plan is to reconnect with her inner voice. To rediscover herself not as a mother or a wife, not as a friend and maybe not even as a writer but simply as a human being. But her inner voice says loud and clear: „I don’t want to be alone anymore!“ In order to restore her belief in love, she visits all the happy couples she knows. Couples who couldn’t be more different from each other but they all have their own secret to share. And who knows, maybe their happiness will rub off on her – and she will fall in love again somewhere along the road... But life has other plans for her. From Maine to Louisiana, from New York to Santa Cruz, each place, each couple teaches her something new. Along the way she finally comes to terms with her past. And yes, in the end, she does fall in love – though not with a man, but with a tiny little house in Santa Fe. And a whole new future opens up for her...